If you are concerned about security in your home, you might want to consider having security window film put on your windows. Don't opt against having security window film applied to your windows due to misinformation.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume regarding security window film.   

Security window film detracts from the appearance of a home.

Putting security window film on windows doesn't darken windows or negatively impact a home's appearance. In fact, it's typically not even possible to notice that security window film has been put on windows if dual reflective film is used.  

Security window film makes it difficult to clean windows.

Security window film doesn't make it more difficult to clean windows. It's true that homeowners need to wait a certain period of time after security windows film is installed before cleaning so that the film can cure properly. However, windows can be cleaned normally after the film has completely cured. 

Putting security window film on your windows prevents you from getting adequate natural lighting in your interiors.

Natural light brightens interiors and reduces electricity consumption by making households less reliant on electrical lighting. Homeowners often assume that security window film will make it so that their interiors get less natural light.

Security window film is available in a variety of shades, most of which allow plenty of natural light into home interiors. Many security window films actually enhance natural light on interiors by allowing natural light in but blocking annoying glare. 

You won't be able to enjoy the view outside when you have security window film on your windows. 

One of the best things about security window film is that it does not block the view outside at all. You can enjoy scenic views outside your windows with window film over them just as easily as you can without security window film. 

Security window film doesn't really make a difference regarding security.

Security window film can significantly improve a home's security by making it much harder to break windows. Fortifying windows with security window film deters burglars and can significantly reduce your risk of experiencing home break-ins and losses due to theft. 

Windows film causes damage to a facility's windows.

Your windows won't be damaged in any way by the application of security window film. In fact, window film can even be completely removed in the future without any adverse impact on window condition.  

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