Windows play a vital role in comfort and energy performance around your home. If it is time to replace your windows, it is only fair to get those with up-to-date features to get value for your money. Here are five features to look out for when buying replacement windows.

1. Security

Your window can be an intruder's entry point to your home. So, consider the security of the new windows. What locking mechanism do they have? If your neighborhood has a high crime rate, you can choose a picture window since they don't open. However, you also need to check on their casement and hinge placement.

Alternatively, tempered glass windows also offer additional security for your home since they are processed to boost strength. Consider the frames of the new windows as well. Fiberglass and aluminum are strong frames that will enhance your home's security. 

2. Maintenance

Old windows need a lot of upkeep to keep them efficient. So, when choosing replacement windows, choose windows with low maintenance needs. Go for windows that are easy to clean using mild detergent and water. If it is within your budget, settle for windows with removable sashes for easy and safe cleaning.

3. Energy Efficiency

Windows play an essential role in the level of comfort in your home. So, the window you choose should be energy efficient to help lock the cold air out or warm air in the house. Choose windows with a dual or triple pane as they slow thermal transfer. The panes have inert argon gas trapped between them, offering insulation. They help reduce energy bills as you won't need to run the HVAC unit more. Thus, saving on energy costs which are on the rise. 

4. Aesthetics

Your windows influence the aesthetics of your house. Therefore, don't discount the aesthetic feature of your replacement windows. The right replacement windows should complement your home's design and architectural style.

Take your time and choose the right color of windows with a style and frame material that will match the exterior of your home. Replacing windows can help boost the value of your home, which can boost the ROI if you consider selling your home soon.

5. Warranty

Do the new windows come with a warranty? You need the assurance that the new windows are durable, and a warranty offers that assurance. Inquire about the warranty and how long it will be valid. A warranty is also an assurance of quality and shows the company's faith in its product.

The five features above will make shopping for replacement windows easier and less overwhelming. For the best installation, get professional replacement window services  

For more information about window replacement, contact a local company.