Gale force winds can lift items from the ground. Airborne items may penetrate a glass door, causing an increase in air pressure inside of a home. As a result of the increased pressure, windows, doors, and ceiling components could shatter or become damaged.

A Tight Seal

Impact doors contain two sheets of glass that are held together by a polyvinyl butyryl membrane. Polyvinyl butyryl is a resin that binds glass pieces together. Projectiles that come into contact with the outer surface of an impact door will not penetrate the glass.

Even if a lot of force is applied to an impact door, minor cracking in the glass surface will be the most damage that will occur. The glass pieces will not separate from the pane, due to the binding properties of the resin. A tight seal that the inner membrane creates will keep indoor atmospheric pressure at a constant level.

A Supportive Frame

The framework that surrounds an impact glass pane should be constructed of reinforced materials. A frame that contains wide strips of vinyl, aluminum, steel, or fiberglass will not bend when force is applied to the frame pieces. These types of frames are mold-resistant and finishing materials that are applied to a supportive frame are colorfast.

A manufacturer that sells hurricane hardy door and window components may feature a line of standard and custom products that are complementary to many home styles. A manufacturer may test the strength of frames. An artificial wind simulator will mimic the wind strength of a hurricane. This type of equipment will be used to apply direct force to a frame that is being assessed.

Cost Variables And An Alternative To Shutters

Purchasing a glass pane that is constructed of standard factory materials may initially be cost-effective. If this type of glass material is set inside of a door, however, there is the chance that the pane will not hold up during a high wind event. This could necessitate needing to spend more money on replacement materials.

A hurricane-rated door that contains a double-paned piece of glass and a resin membrane will necessitate a higher investment upfront but could wind up being a purchase that will last for many years.

A homeowner may also choose to invest in some hurricane-rated window products. Shutters are capable of protecting glass panes but may require labor-intensive installation techniques. Omitting the use of hurricane shutters and choosing to purchase impact glass instead will provide a structure with the ultimate level of protection against strong winds. 

For more information about impact doors, contact a local company.