A broken window, whether it's the glass itself or just the seal, isn't really something you want to ignore. The good news is you can replace the glass instead of the entire window. There are many benefits when it comes to broken window repair.

1. Cost-Effective

A whole new window unit can be quite expensive, especially if you are trying to match a discontinued frame style or have a heavily insulated window unit. Glass repair is very cost-effective by comparison. Your repair tech will only need to replace the broken glass unit, so the cost of materials is usually negligible when compared to a full window replacement.

2. Easy Matching

It's much easier to match a single pane of glass to an existing window compared to matching a single window and frame to the rest of the windows on your home. The older your windows, the more difficult it can be to source a matching window unit. Glass can be custom cut for repairs easily and quickly, so it's simple to match the glass even if it is an odd shape or an off measurement. By only replacing the glass, you can be sure all of your windows continue to match.

3. Quick Turn-Around

Window replacement can't be completed in a day. The window must be measured and then ordered. Once it arrives, the old unit is removed and the new one is put in. The entire process can take days if a window is available locally, and weeks if it must be ordered from afar. Glass replacement is typically a same-day job, and often it only takes a few hours and not the entire day. Everything is usually done on-site, so in most cases, there is no waiting for special orders to come in.

4. Regain Insulation

A broken insulated glass pane can be a bit more difficult compared to repairing single-pane windows, but it's possible. Replacement insulated glass units are available. Your installer simply removes the broken glass and replaces it with the insulated pane, then seals it in place so that no insulation qualities are lost. Although insulated broken repair is more time-consuming and costly, it still is less expensive than a full replacement.

5. Improved Appearance

Broken glass is never attractive. Even if the break isn't immediately visible, it can lead to issues like condensation trapped between two layers of glass. By replacing the glass, you are improving the appearance of your home and ensuring the clarity of the windows.

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