If you live next to a playground, shopping mall, or other areas, you probably wish you could block out the noise. If you need to nap or sleep during the day, creating a quiet environment is essential. Fortunately, there are window treatments to consider that make your windows soundproof so you can enjoy peace and quiet inside your home. Here are a few choices to know.

Soundproof Windows

You can add soundproof windows to your home without the need to get replacement windows. Instead, you can install special windows that are similar to storm windows. These create a second layer that blocks noise.

A film on the windows helps stop noise vibrations, and the air gap between the soundproof windows and your other windows also prevents sound vibrations that transmit noise. The windows are compression sealed against the frame to keep a tight seal that keeps out street noise and air. As such, soundproof windows could make a big difference in the noise level in your house without the major expense of replacements.

Soundproof Window Treatments

Another option for blocking out noise is to hang soundproof window treatments. You can use these alone or combine them with soundproof windows for the most noise reduction. You can buy soundproofing drapes made from different materials, and they are attractive enough to use in any room.

Drapes might be thick cotton and very heavy, or they may have soundproofing inserts. You need special hardware for mounting these window treatments since they are so heavy. In addition to keeping out noise, soundproofing window treatments can also reduce heat transfer and keep out chilly drafts. Alternatively, you can also buy sound-absorbing panels. These aren't as attractive as drapes, but they might be suitable for your bedroom if street noises keep you awake.

Soundproofing involves adding more mass and insulation to the windows. That's because mass and insulation are what help reduce noise. However, there are solutions that work and that don't make your windows unattractive. Whether you choose windows or window treatments, you'll find a product that can reduce the noise level in your home.

Be sure the drapes or other product you buy is labeled for soundproofing. The label should also tell you how many decibels the noise will be reduced. This helps you estimate the effectiveness of the soundproofing treatment and it also helps you choose a product that fits your budget. You may not need total silence, in which case you might want a more affordable option that reduces noise but doesn't eliminate it completely. To learn more, contact a company that provides soundproof window treatment options.