Windows play numerous vital roles in any given home, from enhancing curb appeal to increasing the natural light in your living space. When your windows are not in good condition, they pose a security threat and compromise house comfort. That's why it's essential to know when your windows need replacement.

When it comes to replacing your windows, it's essential to work with a professional. Handling the project by yourself might seem an excellent way of honing your DIY skills, but it comes with the risk of sustaining severe injuries. That said, here are the signs you need to call professional window replacement services.

1. Increased Energy Costs

Does the area near your windows feel colder than the rest of your house? If yes, this means that your house has drafty windows. Lighting a candle and moving it from corner to corner of each window will help you confirm this. If the candlelight flickers, there's no doubt that drafts are penetrating the windows.

Having drafty windows means that cool air will escape to the outside during hot weather. Likewise, warm air will exit your living space during the cold season. In both scenarios, your HVAC unit will work harder to compensate for the lost air. As a result, you will end up with a high utility bill due to the increased power consumption.

If your power costs seem to have increased, you need to consider professional window replacement services. The new windows will prevent the loss of conditioned air, and it won't take long before you notice a decrease in your utility costs.

2. Leaky Windows 

It is easy to overlook a leaking window, especially since wiping the water seems to fix the problem. Wiping the water offers a temporary solution, and that's why it's better to work with professionals to replace the windows. Poor installation is among the reasons that can make your windows leak. By hiring competent contractors to install new windows, you can rest assured that the leaks will permanently stop.

3. Condensation

Not all condensation is bad. However, you should be worried if the space between two window panes seems foggy. The fogginess indicates that the glass seals are worn out, and the best solution is to invest in window replacement services.

Are you wondering whether it's time to replace your windows? If you are experiencing any of the above issues, the answer is an emphatic yes. Remember that only experienced contractors should undertake window replacement. Hiring the experts ensures you get value for money.