When it comes to enhancing the appearance of your backyard, you have a lot of different options. One way to enhance the appearance of your backyard is by adding a structure that will provide you with shade and a comfortable place to hang out. When it comes to adding a structure that will provide you with shade and a little cover, your two best options are a pergola or a gazebo. These are two different types of structures you can build in your backyard. It is important to understand the difference between the two structures so you can choose the best one for your yard.

The Type of Roof

The construction and function of the roof is different between a gazebo and a pergola. A gazebo has a roof that looks more like a traditional roof on a home. There are multiple sides to the roof. The roof has a slant to it to allow water to run down the roof. The roof is generally made from shingles, just like many home roofs. On a gazebo, the roof is designed to provide one with shade and full protection from any precipitation.

The roof of a pergola is completely different. The roof of a pergola is made from crisscrossing wood planks. The roof may be made from straight wood planks, or curved wood planks. The roof is flat, and there is space between each wood plank. The space is designed to allow light into the area below while also providing for shade. The space between each plank is often filled with creeping plants such as wisteria and ivy.

The Type of Shelter Provided

A gazebo and a pergola provide very different types of shelter. A gazebo is designed to provide full protection from the sun and the elements. A gazebo is designed so that if it is raining, you will be protected. It is a space where you can put things that you want to keep safe.

A pergola, on the other hand, doesn't provide protection from the rain. If it rains outside, and you are sitting under your pergola, you are going to feel it. That said, your pergola can provide as much shade as a gazebo due to the way it is constructed. You'll get even more shade out of your pergola if you allow plants to grow on the structure.  

The Footprint of the Building

The footprint of the building is a little different as well. A gazebo is generally an octagonal shape, with support columns at each corner of the octagonal shape. Generally, a railing runs around the perimeter of the gazebo, and the floor of the gazebo is elevated from the surrounding ground.

With a pergola, the shape is generally rectangular, with support columns at each corner of the rectangle, and maybe a few along the sides. There is no railing going around the structure. Although the floor could be elevated, more often than not the floor is just whatever is under the pergola, be it cement or dirt.

A gazebo is more like a full building, with open walls. A gazebo typically has a more traditional roof, along with its own floor. A pergola, on the other hand, has an open roof structure that provides shade while still allowing in sunlight and moisture. A pergola doesn't have to have a separate floor; it can have a cement or wood base. Both structures are beautiful; it is more about what type of structure you want in your yard.

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