Whether you are building a home or you need to replace your windows, there is a variety from which to choose. Along with knowing what style of window you want, you'll also have to decide what type of framing material you want. Some of the most popular options include wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and metal. One more option for the framing material is vinyl.

When it comes to window installation, here are three amazing benefits for choosing vinyl windows.

1. Vinyl Windows Require Minimal Maintenance

If you love the look of a wood-framed window but don't like the maintenance that wood requires, vinyl windows are the perfect option. Even though vinyl windows are just as beautiful as wooden ones, they don't require any painting or staining. Another advantage vinyl has over wood is that vinyl will not chip, crack, or peel like wood often does.

With vinyl windows, rain and other types of moisture will easily remove dust and dirt, which means you won't have to clean them very often.

2. Vinyl Windows Are Energy Efficient

Did you know that up to 30% of the heat in your home can escape through your windows? For this reason, you want to make sure that your windows are as energy efficient as possible. Vinyl frames contain hollow cavities filled with insulation, making them very energy efficient.

If you want even more energy-efficient vinyl windows, you can choose windows that contain multiple panes of glass and also windows that contain a low-emissivity coating. This specialized type of coating reduces the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through the glass, which helps to maintain a consistent temperature inside the home.

3. Vinyl Windows Are Available in Many Colors and Styles

If you are concerned about matching your windows to the rest of your home, you will be glad to know that vinyl windows are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Due to advances made with laminates and coatings, window manufacturers are able to produce a wide range of colors for vinyl window frames. Besides different colors, you now have a wider selection of finishes as well.

In fact, there are some vinyl window frames that simulate wood. You can even get a wood-grade finish that looks exactly like wood but that has all the benefits of vinyl. Along with different colors and finishes, you can choose from a number of different styles, including sliders, fixed, single or double-hung, and tilt-and-turn windows.

For more information, contact a local window installation company.