No matter how boring a room in your home is, you can add instant interest with the right window treatments. From long drapes to blinds and shades, window treatments have the ability to make or break a room's aesthetics.  

The good news about window treatments is that you don't have to break the bank to give your home a fresh, new look. You can find window coverings to fit any home decor budget, and they're often less expensive to replace than furniture and textiles. 

If you crave an updated look in any rooms, from the master bedroom to the living room, and don't have a lot of time or money to spare on redecorating, consider focusing on your windows. Putting up new blinds, shades, or drapes is a lot faster than painting and can make just as big of a visual impact in a space. 

Here are some ways you can upgrade a room using window treatments.

1. Add Color 

If a room features all neutral-hued furnishings and textiles, such as white or tan couches, chairs, carpet or quilts, give it a pop of color with bright and cheerful drapes or curtains. Ideas include yellow, red, green, or blue, depending on the space's decor style.

For instance, if you desire a beach-inspired bedroom, update boring white walls with vibrant turquoise, coral orange, or palm leaf green draperies. Hold them back using whimsical seashell-, seahorse-, or palm tree-shaped hardware as a personalized touch.

In a child's bedroom, go with colorful window treatments that reflect your son's or daughter's personality, such as cotton candy pink eyelet curtains or bright yellow drapes. To promote better sleep, consider buying treatments that feature a light-blocking backing.

2. Add Design Details 

Another way to make windows command attention is with treatments featuring interesting patterns and designs. As one idea in a shabby chic-styled room, buy long, airy drapes with large cabbage rose designs to give the space an instant casually elegant appearance. 

In a child's zoo-themed bedroom, go with curtains featuring zebra, lion, bear, or giraffe designs, or a mix of all animals. You can also find curtains or drapes with train, balloon, cloud, dog, cat, or any other whimsical patterns you desire.

In the kitchen, play up a specific theme with apple, roaster, seashell, or coffee cup patterns, depending on your personal style. You can find smaller cafe-style curtains made to fit kitchen windows, along with matching valances.