Do you hear howling winds inside your home due to drafts? Does it feel colder when you are sitting near the windows in your home? If so, chances are that the windows are not very energy efficient. With so much energy being lost through your home's windows, you'll want to do what you can to keep heat inside where it belongs during the winter. Here are some ways that you can improve energy efficiency.

Perform Maintenance

It is a good idea to give your windows an inspection in the fall when you are cleaning them. You want to be on the lookout for gaps that require caulk to fill them. You should also inspect the lock on the window and make sure it works. Not only will a lock keep the window secure, but it should ensure that the two window sashes are secured in place. This eliminates small cracks where air can get into your home.

Apply Window Insulation

Your local home improvement store sells window insulation kits; these are designed to cover the window during the winter with a piece of plastic. It is easy to install on your own, since it involves placing the plastic over the window frame and holding it in place by applying heat with a hair dryer. The insulation will help prevent frost from building up on your windows, which make your home feel colder.

Install Hardwood Shutters

Another step that you can take is to install hardwood shutters on the inside of the window. Not only do these help prevent drafts from coming in, but they have a nice look that can really add to your home. Just make sure to leave shutters open throughout the day so that heat comes in and warms your house, then close them at night when the sun goes down and the temperature outside is cooler.

Use Drapes

Drapes are another barrier that is great at blocking cold air and keeping your home warm. An insulated drape can go a long way in preventing heat from transferring. You can use them at night in the winter, and during the day in the summer to prevent heat from getting in.

Buy New Windows

If your windows are in really bad shape, consider upgrading them across your entire home. New windows are made with energy efficiency in mind, which will do a great job at keeping your entire home at a comfortable temperature all year round. For more information, contact your local window replacement services.