If you want to add style to the inside or outside of your home, you should consider adding plantation shutters to your windows. Plantation shutters are an old fashioned window shade solution, but they are having a revival. Homeowners love the way they look, their simple functionality, durability, and the insulation they can add to your windows. Of all the shade options (like blinds and drapes) shutters can add the most insulation to your window fixture. This article explains why plantation shutters are popular on residential windows, and what materials you should consider.

Wooden Shutters

Most people are going to install wooden plantation shutters if they already have wooden frames around the window. This way the wood can be painted the same color and you can have a more seamless, cohesive design. Wooden shutters look great on any window, and they are durable. That being said, wood is definitely a little susceptible to water damage and sun fading. That is, if the wood is not properly maintained, there is a good chance that it can wear down over the years. For instance, the sun can cause the finish to fade, exposing the word and making the wood susceptible to warping. If wooden shutters get warped, they will be difficult to operate. Some homeowners love the fact that wooden shutters can be updated and customized. That is, you can always restain or repaint your shutters to match your changing decor and style. So, you aren't just stuck with the color you chose. You can even apply a clear stain that highlights the natural grain of the wood. Best of all, you can go back and forth over the years if your home styles and colors schemes change.

Vinyl Shutters

If you don't want to deal with the maintenance of wooden plantation shutters, you should consider vinyl. Vinyl can look great, but it only comes in solid colors. So, if you have a white wooden frame around your window, you can probably find a white vinyl plantation shutter that will match. The great thing about vinyl is that is it less susceptible to warping or fading, and it is very easy to clean. Since vinyl is waterproof, the upkeep is simple and not time consuming.

Whether you install wooden or vinyl plantation shutters, they are both great additions to your existing window interiors. They can add functionality and style to any room.