Blinds: functional, yet often boring, right? Not so. There are so many custom blinds out there now that blinds are not nearly as boring as they were once described. In fact, here are some ways you can really dress up your blinds, to make them more interesting and more exciting.

Wink, Blink, It Is There, and Then It Is Not

Hire an artist to paint your blinds. The effect is truly fun and jaw-dropping. On one side, you get a scene, an animal, or whatever you desire, when you drop the blinds and close them. Open the blinds for splashes of color. If you have the artist paint something on both sides, then people walking by your home get something awesome to see, too. Make the paintings "magic" by selecting blinds that can open and close in both directions. Flip the painted sides with a twist of the wrist and the blinds' shutting wand. 

Tapestry Blinds That Shut Out the Light

Recently, you can buy Roman shade blinds that look more like tapestries when the blinds are down. This is a really neat effect for any room that does not have a lot of open wall space but a very large window. In addition to being decorative, the blinds also shut out the light, a most helpful thing if you are a day-sleeper, or you have a giant neon light right outside your window.

Paint on the Glass and Add Blinds That Look Like Part of the Painting

This is a clever approach to making blinds look like part of a painting on the window glass. For example, select powder blue microsuede blinds. Paint white clouds on the window glass, rain, or even a rainbow. Now your blinds look like the sky, while the glass painting becomes part of the scene from outside. It is a cute idea that works really well in a child's room or a nursery.

Consult an Interior Decorator

Interior decorators work with all kinds of materials and window dressings every day. They create their own designs and execute them, but they can also reproduce ideas you have seen and really like. There are lots more ideas on social media pages and online, too. Otherwise, you can just hire the designer/decorator to do something really unique with your windows and some blinds. Be sure to ask for a couple of original ideas, in case you do not like this or that one.

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