Motorized window shades might seem extravagant and expensive. In reality, they are becoming more practical and affordable than ever. Also, manufacturers are making them in a wider range of styles, so more homeowners are able to find a product that fits their style. In the past, motorized shades were rare, expensive, and only available in a few different styles. This article explains all of the great new styles and features offered by modern motorized windows shades.

Remote Control

The beauty of motorized shades is that they can be opened and closed with wireless technology, with the push of a button. This is not only a convenient feature, it is also very helpful in many situations. If you have floor to ceiling glass, it is basically impossible to open the shade all the way to the ceiling. With a non motorized system, homeowners can only enjoy a portion of their large glass window. Some windows might not be that tall, but they are blocked by furniture. This is another instance where having a remote control can be very beneficial.

Make Sure Your System Has Smart Phone Capabilities

The most exciting feature of new motorized shades is that they have smart phone capabilities. You should find a product that has a dedicated smart phone application that enables you to control the blinds. You can open, close, and tilt the blades with the touch of your screen. Best of all, you can do all this from anywhere. The smart shades are linked into the WiFi, so you can operate the windows as long as you phone is connected to the same network. So, if you went upstairs without closing the shade at night, it is not a problem. You would just open up the app and close the shades. The app will even tell you the status of each connected shade in your house. You can see if they are opened, closed, or how they are tilted.

Decorative and Exterior Shades

Motorized shades are much more than just functional and convenient. They are also very stylish. You can basically find all of the same shade materials and styles that you can find in non-motorized window treatments. There are woven fabrics, wooden shades, recycled, and custom materials to choose from. There are even heavy duty exterior shades which can offer protection from the weather on your patios and decks.

Motorized window shades are great for any homeowner who can afford them.