If you have ever looked into the difference between vinyl and wood windows, one of the biggest arguments against wood windows is that they need maintenance. This may leave you wondering what type of maintenance the window requires, and if it's enough work to justify getting vinyl. Here are three ways you will be expected to maintain wood windows if you want them to last.

Repair Small Cracks

The best way to maintain your wood windows will be to find small problems before they become big issues. One way to do this is to look out for small cracks. A common problem with wood is the cracks in the wood are how cold air gets into your home. It causes your house to be less energy efficient, and will increase your energy bills. In addition, the cracks cause the frame of the window to become weak, which can cause it to eventually fail.

You'll want to take care of small cracks by using wood filler. If you seal the cracks early on, they won't spread and cause more damage. Once the filling material has dried, you should refinish the window so that the material matches the entire window.

Clean The Wood Regularly

Window frames are exposed to various weather conditions, which include extreme heat and cold. There is a possibility that mold and moss could grow on the wood frame if it is not cleaned regularly. It can cause the wood to become permanently discolored and weaken the structure of the wood window frame.

Cleaning a window frame is simple and only requires diluted dishwashing soap. The soap has the strength to remove anything that is stuck to the wood but won't cause damage in the process.

Seal The Wood

A big threat to wood window frames is moisture. It not only causes problems with the wood cracking, but moisture will cause problems with wood rot as well. The best way to protect wood windows from moisture is to seal the wood every couple of years. The sealant is waterproof, so it will bond directly to the wood and give it much needed protection.

The best way to tell if your wood frames need to be sealed is to spray some water on them. If the wood absorbs the water, the previous sealant has worn off. If the water beads up and rolls off the window frame, the sealant is doing its job.

For more tips on how to care for wood windows, speak with a window contractor such as Active Hurricane & Security Protection.