If you are ready to have new windows installed in your home, there are many different styles to choose from. Styles will affect the functionality, cost, and appearance of your window replacement project. You will need to choose from single-hung, double-hung, sliders, and accent windows, as well as custom glass features. Here are some of the different styles to choose from for your window replacement project:

1. Difference Between Single- and Double-Hung Windows

The common windows that open by the sashes being raised up, are either single-hung or double-hung. The single-hung window is when only the bottom part of the window can be opened or removed. A double-hung window is where both the bottom and top sashes are mobile and can be removed. If you are looking for something that is more affordable, a single-hung window style will be the most affordable. Double-hung windows will give you more functionality, but this style will also cost more.

2. Using Sliders for A Design with Larger Windows and More Glass

Sliders are windows that work much like a sliding glass door. The sashes of sliders are vertical and open side-to-side. These windows are usually bigger than other styles of windows and are a great choice for modern designs with more natural lighting. You may also want to consider using slider-style windows for projects like all-season rooms or screen porches. Just like conventional hung sashes, sliders can have one side of them fixed and one mobile. Sliders can also be a good option where you need to have windows that meet modern egress building codes.

3. Accents, Blocks, and Other Custom Window Options for Your Home

Another option you may want to consider for window improvements are custom options. You can choose from a variety of custom frames and glasses for certain areas of your home. For example, in a bathroom remodeling project, you may want to consider using glass blocks for a custom window that allows light in, but still provides you with the privacy you want in these areas of your home. Custom glass can also be good for areas like high windows that do not need to be operational and are purely meant for natural light and aesthetics.

Choosing the right style windows will help you get the look you want, and stay on budget for your window replacements. Contact a window installation service to get help with choosing from some of these different options for new windows for your home. If you live in an area that is prone to storms, impact windows also come in the same styles. For more information, contact companies like Bradenton Window & Allied Products.