Are you considering a home improvement project but aren't sure which option to choose? Maybe it's time to have those old windows replaced. There are many benefits involved in having replacement windows installed in your home. Following are just eight of them.

Serious Energy Savings 

Installing energy efficient windows saves homeowners money on utility bills as well as reduces carbon emissions from power plants. ENERGY STAR certified windows are an excellent choice because they've been tried and tested for energy efficiency. The average homeowner stands to save anywhere from between $101 to $583 per year simply by replacing standard single-pane windows with their ENERGY STAR counterparts. 

Added Security 

If you live in an older home that still has its original single-pane windows, you could be putting your family's safety at risk. According to the FBI, 23 percent of thieves and other home intruders enter through first floor windows. Single-pane windows are notoriously easy to break. You can increase home security levels significantly be choosing replacement windows made from tempered or security glass. Replacement windows also feature new locks, eliminating the possibility of intruders gaining access to your home because of old, worn out locks.

Enhanced Household Fire Safety

Another safety consideration is that older windows are frequently difficult to open from the inside and often become stuck entirely. This situation has the potential to pose serious problems for household residents in the event that it is necessary for them to escape from a burning house. New windows should be easy to open from the outside. 

Enhanced Aesthetics

New windows provide home interiors with enhanced visual appeal. You'll be able to pick and choose your replacement windows from a huge selection of available options, ensuring that the end result will be as attractive as possible. 

​Enhanced Indoor Comfort Levels

Replaced your old windows will result in more consistent heat levels in your indoor living space. Drafts and cold spots will be gone, and you won't have the problem of indoor condensation elevating interior humidity levels and creating a clammy feeling. You'll even be able to place your favorite easy chair near a window so that you can relax and enjoy the view in total comfort. 

Great Return on Your Investment 

​Installing replacement windows is one of the best investments that a homeowner can make. For instance, those who choose to have vinyl windows installed can look forward to recouping up to 80 percent of the cost of the project in increased home value. 

Reduced Noise Pollution 

Window glass used in today's replacement windows can substantially reduce levels of outdoor noise. Laminated or dual-paned windows are the best option for those who live in noisy neighborhoods or who simply want their indoor living space to be as tranquil and serene as possible. Double-paned windows are excellent choices for those who desire a quiet home environment. If outdoor noise has become a serious problem in your area, you might want to consider talking with your contractor about the possibility of having soundproof windows that are capable of blocking up to 95 percent of all exterior noise installed. 

Decreased Damage From Ultraviolet Rays 

UV rays can cause furniture, artwork, and flooring to fade as well as to experience premature detonation. Most replacement windows are made with glass designed to keep the majority of UV rays out, meaning that you'll be able to enjoy filling your home with natural light without having to worry about the contents of your home becoming damaged. 

For more ideas on how replacement windows can improve the quality of your home, make an appointment to discuss the situation with a company like Morgan Exteriors Inc.